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Owner-occupied loans can be used in two ways: owner-occupied property and owner-occupied business loans. In owner occupancy, a borrower uses a property as their prime home. Lenders, including Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Gainesville, use this merit to get it right if you occupy the property. At the same time, owner-occupied loans can be used when you want to expand or improve your business. Traditional lenders provide the two types of loans. Most borrowers applying for an owner-occupied loan do not meet the requirements of conventional loans making them not qualify. However, owner-occupied hard money can be the answer to the solution for the borrowers.  

Owner-occupied loans-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Gainesville

Hard Money Loan

Private lenders and investors issue hard money loans. They provide borrowers with short term-term funds for projects such as house flipping and real estate. This type of loan is also suitable for consolidating debt, acquiring mortgages, and improving credit. Also, it facilitates properties cash out with equity to stabilize improvements and business deals. You may consider hard money loans for divorce or legal settlements, clearing off bankruptcy, and settling inheritance issues, among many others. They are also an ultimate option for borrowers who are self-employed and are rejected by financing institutions. 

Owner Occupied Hard Money Loans 

 Owner-occupied hard money loans provide borrowers with diverse finance options. Traditional lenders can offer this kind of loan, but they have too strict requirements. Many borrowers have distinctive situations that need exceptional opportunities to offer them the financial support they need.


Hard money loans vs. business purpose 

Many hard money lenders stopped ceased in providing owner-occupied loans in outstanding of the new regulations. How the borrower will utilize the loan is what differentiates between the two types of loans.   Borrowers can utilize on-purpose loans to buy a primary home, consolidate debts, acquire mortgages, bridge a loan, and settle probate or legal estate issues. While business purpose loans can be utilized in operating capital, purchasing out partners, acquiring new equipment, and improving or buying a property.

Qualifications of Owner-Occupied Loans 

With Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Gainesville, qualifying for owner-occupied loans is straightforward. The company requires a short submission account and the address of the property. Deals are evaluated on a detailed basis. Documentation and paperwork might be necessary but no in a complicated way. The company’s team may search for a borrower’s property and statements before concluding. Banks require too many details of the borrower, making it difficult to secure a loan. 

Owner Occupied Second Mortgage Loans

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Gainesville provides owner-occupied loans in hard mortgage money for consumer or business purposes. They use the equity in the current home of the borrower. Consumer purpose can be used to clear off debt or for legal occupation. On the other hand, business purposes can be used for business opportunities and growth.  The team is devoted to using an honest approach to all agreements and establishing a long-lasting relationship with brokers and clients. Therefore, long-term success is ensured and promoted for all. 

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