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An operating line of credit (LOC) is a borrowing limit that one can access at any time. You may take funds out until it’s depleted, repay then borrow again. A LOC is usually between a financial organization, e.g., a bank, and a client who agrees on the maximum limit they can borrow. The client can access the money from the operating line of credit at any time, provided the client does not exceed the limit. One of the financial organizations that offer this is the Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Gainesville.


Understanding Lines of Credit

All lines of credit have a specific limit of funds to be accessed, paid then borrowed if needed. The lender sets the rules, size of payments, and interest rates. LOCs can be either secured or unsecured, the latter having high interest rates. You can have a certain amount as your limit, but then it is not a must for you to use it all at once. You can spend the funds according to your needs and accumulate interest only on the portion of funds you use. The mode of payment can be either monthly or once, depending on the borrower’s financial state.

Unsecured vs. secured Lines of Credit

Most business owners or individuals prefer secured LOC because of the low interest rates and the high credit limits it comes with compared to unsecured LOC. Unsecured LOC is more challenging to find and requires a good credit rating. An operating line of credit can significantly impact your credit rating as if more than 30% is used, you risk having your credit score drop.

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Revolving vs. Non-Revolving Lines of Credit

Operating lines of credit are often considered to be revolving accounts, also known as open-end credit accounts. The nature of the account allows you to borrow, spend, repay and borrow again in a never-ending scenario. Non-revolving LOCs have similar features to revolving LOCs, but once the funds have been used and paid, the account closed and cannot be reassessed.

Types of Lines of Credit

LOCS fall into two categories. They are either secured or unsecured, but apart from that, they all have different characteristics.

A personal line of credit – Personal LOCs are unsecured funds that can be borrowed, paid then borrowed again. This type of credit requires you to have a high credit score with no defaults, with a reliable income being an added advantage.

Home equity line of credit (HELOC) – HELOC is usually established by the house’s value subtracting the amount owed to the mortgage creating a basis to determine the amount of the LOC. You can borrow, pay then borrow again during the draw period, often ten years after which the HELOC closes, or the borrower can extend the loan to pay the remaining amount over time. This type of credit is the most common type of secured LOC.

Securities-backed line of credit (SBLOC) – SBLOC is a remarkable secured-demand LOC in which the client’s securities provide collateral. SBLOCs lets you borrow between 50% to 95% of the value of the properties available in your account. Any other expenditure is permitted except buying trades or securities.

A business line of credit – This LOC extends to the business, maybe secured or unsecured, depending on the evaluation outcome and business size. If you need an operating line of credit, please visit Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Gainesville.

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