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The interest of commercial development loans is funded during the development period. Interest is charged with the loan upon the sale of the development and or the refinance of any residual debt.

The Criteria for Development Loans

During the loan process, Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Gainesville looks into the below areas. This will consider whether the lender will provide the funds or not. 

Commercial Development Loans-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Gainesville

Profit Potential

 The ability to determine the profit potential of your development project is part of securing the finance. A section of the funding process includes a sensible study conducted by the lender’s value to determine the profit margin. This step is essential in regulating profitability and the acceptance to the lender.

Development Purpose

 In other cases, technical developments like a motel or a daycare center attract secondary conditions from the lender. This happens before the approval of the finance because commercial development loans are particular. Other general developments, like apartment blocks, may be easier to find development finance. 

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 In development loans, experience plays an essential role in securing finance. If you have been new to property development, this does not exclude you from securing capital. However, since new developers cannot provide more money, they may have to provide additional funds. Developers may need to appoint an experienced project manager depending on the lender to secure good finance.


 In securing commercial development loans, the location of a proposed development plays a significant role. The surrounding area and how the site is suited for the development are what the lender looks at in terms of location. 


 The more capital or deposit you can provide at the start will create a better chance for your commercial development loan approval. For reduced risk of financing the project, the equity stake must be more significant and your overall development costs.

Finance Options for Commercial Development Loans

 Mezzanine Finance

 This is only available to experienced property developers. Mezzanine finance uses capital from external investors instead of deposit capital from equity partners or the developer. It mainly involves both private investors and specialist lenders. Mezzanine finance interest rate is higher than the commercial development loan methods.  

Land Development Cost (LDC

The above provides property developers with the capital to handle the construction and acquisition of the development. It also includes soft costs such as interest costs, architecture, and engineering. This is the most common form of commercial Development Loans. It is mainly limited between seventy to eighty percent of the overall Land Development Costs of the development project. You may be required to attain a predetermined level of pre-sales before the finance approval.  

Gross Realizable Value (GRV

 This finance provides funds based on the projected end value of the property development. Under this finance method, you can borrow between sixty-five to seventy-five percent of the expected end value of the final development.  Additionally, it will help you fully cover both soft and hard costs without sustaining any out-of-pocket expenses. Pre-sales are often not required when using Gross Realizable Finance.  Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Gainesville is generally used for both small and huge developments. 

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